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Gramophone Company Discography

The most complete database of recordings made by the Gramophone Company and its successors derived from lists assembled by the late Dr. Alan Kelly


In addition to EMI’s musical heritage, the Trust also preserves artefacts associated with the company’s significant achievements in electrical engineering, television, communications including radar, science and medicine, along with the early archives of the HMV music shops and the iconic Abbey Road Studios. Here are some examples of museum artefacts by our collection. Images ©… Read more »

Celebrating The Gramophone Company Factory in Hayes

Queens Dolls House Record – EMIAT.322 This record was made specially for Queen Mary’s Doll’s House and the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley of 1924. It measures just 3.4cm across and plays ‘God Save The King’ (sung by Peter Dawson). A total of six different records were made for the Doll’s House, and due to… Read more »