Collections: Principal holdings
Paper Collection
– A unique collection of record and gramophone catalogues from around the world
– Artist Files for the majority of artists who have recorded for EMI, including general correspondence, recording sheets and contracts
– Matrix Cards of EMI recordings from 1900 to 1946 and associated Recording Ledgers
– Trade magazines from the early 20th century including “The Soundwave” and “The Gramophone”
– EMI House Journals from 1917 to date
– Small library of biographies on artists and on the history of the recording industry
– Material on non-music activities like the development of Television, Radar and CT Scanners
– Reports, accounts and board minutes from 1898 to 1930’s

Recorded Music Store / Finished product store
– Extensive collection of records issued by EMI and its associated labels worldwide from 1898
– 78rpm metal masters including HMV, Columbia, Parlophone, Odeon and Fonotopia labels

– Playback devices, from phonographs and gramophones to stereograms and reel-to-reel tape players
– Extensive collection of ‘Nipperia’
– Radios and televisions from the 1930’s to early 60’s
– HMV domestic appliances from the 1940’s and 50’s, including electric shavers to irons
– Material relating to the development of sound recording, including acoustic horns, microphones and lathes
– Corporate items including trophies from inter-departmental tournaments, paintings and items from past chairmen
– Francis Barraud ‘His Master’s Voice’ paintings

– Large collection of photographs covering all aspects of EMI’s history

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