D-Day Landings reported by ‘The EMI Home Guardian’ June 6th 1944

‘The EMI Home Guardian’ is a little known newspaper created for and by C-Coy. 17th Btn. (Home Guard) based on the EMI Factory site, Hayes, Middlesex throughout WWII.

This extract, written 80 years ago, marks the D-Day Landings, 6th June 1944, one of the most remarkable Allied wartime operations.

‘The EMI Home Guardian’

Since my last notes for the Wall Newspaper, great things have been happening in France.  The Atlantic Wall has been breached, and our soldiers are making splendid headway in Normandy.  They are having a tough time, but by reason of the excellent organisation of the whole operation and the specialised training they have received, they are proving more than a match for the Bosche.

‘C’ Coy. 17th Btn. N.F. Team April 1944

C-Coy. 17th Btn. N.F. Team April 1944

A large number of men trained by “C” Company have gone into all branches of the Services, and I have no doubt that quite a few of them are now in France. Here’s wishing them God-speed and a safe return.

C – Coy. 17th Btn. N.F. Team April 1944 

A most enjoyable evening was spent by those of “C” Company who attended the Binge at the Canteen on ‘D’ Day, Tuesday, 6th June.  The food situation wasn’t up to standard owing to the food office putting the bar up, but everyone agreed the pork pies and sausage rolls were excellent, and so was the beer.  The artists were good, especially the Conjurer, and a special mention to the P.S.I and Bombardier for their duet which everyone enjoyed, and joined in with gusto. The social was arranged entirely by Captain Capon, and I take this opportunity to thank him on behalf of the men of the Company who attended.

Images and extract taken from ‘The EMI Home Guardian’ newspaper,  part of the EMI Archive Trust Collection.