The Gramophone and Typewriter Ltd.

In December 1900 William Barry Owen (co-founder of the British Gramophone Company) gained the rights to sell and manufacture the newly developed Lambert Typewriter. The name of the company was then changed to “The Gramophone and Typewriter Ltd.” The Lambert Typewriter was initially taken on as insurance against the possible failure of the Gramophone as a product.

Frank Lambert

The Lambert typewriter was developed by French inventor Frank Lambert in the late 19th century. The typewriter had a unique form and used very intuitive technology. At the time it was the only keyboard typewriter with a keyboard consisting of just one single piece. When any key was pushed, the entire keyboard and the attached letter stamp moved into position and printed that correct letter onto the paper.

Despite good sales as an independent product when the Lambert Typewriter Company joined the Gramophone Company sales were low and production stopped in 1904, just four years after its introduction into the market. In 1907 the company changed back to its original name, “The Gramophone Co.” deciding to focus on sales of the Gramophone alone.