The Grammys

A huge congratulations to all of this year’s Grammy winners!

Did you know that the Grammy Award was originally called a Gramophone Award. It is given by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences to recognise significant achievements in the music industry. The man responsible for inventing the gramophone and flat disc was Emile Berliner. Berliner and his business partners also went on to start the United States Gramophone Company in 1892, and then The Gramophone company in Britain in 1897 (which later became EMI in 1931 when the Columbia Graphophone Company merged with The Gramophone Company.)

To celebrate the Grammy’s 2014, we have shared images and information about some of our top heritage Gramophone models from within the EMI Archive Trust collection! For more information about the specification and dates of each model take a look at our Facebook or Flickr albums. #EMIGramophones #GRAMMYs #music