Memories of EMI – Kate Calloway on Don McLean and ‘finding herself’!

I had that weird feeling when I came across this crowd shot whilst scanning Don McLean images for Universal (Music Group)

I remembered going to this free concert at Hyde Park (though I didn’t remember that it was May 1975, or that I’d recently turned 17).

Miss American Pie, a          17 year old Kate Calloway in the crowd.

Miss American Pie, a 17 year old Kate Calloway in the crowd.

I thought ‘wouldn’t it be funny if I could see myself in the photo’ – and there I am, luckily not obscured by the chair onstage – fortunate in the angle of the shot.

I remember being near the front, the weird little fence and how we all sat cross legged on the ground before the crowd filled out.

I remember enjoying Don McLean’s set, Joan Armatrading’s & Caravan’s too – though I left when Queen were still playing because I was starving & thirsty by that time….

Kate Calloway is now the Senior Photographic Librarian for EMI Archive.  See if you can find her in the full sized print – ‘hint circled by ©’

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