Forgotton Heroes: The Indian Army in the Great War

EMI has a long history of supporting artists and music in India. The Gramophone and Typewriter, Ltd. engaged agents in India as early as 1900 and soon established their Indian offices by 1901. In 1906 the site for a record pressing factory had been chosen in Sealdah, Calcutta. By 1946 The Gramophone Company of India was formed, this name continued to be used for many decades until 2000, after RPG Group takeover, to “Saregama India Limited”.

India entered into First World War in September 1914 on the Western Front, and the fronts of Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) and East Africa, where the majority of the Indian troops fought, and where India was so pivotal for all kinds of supplies. Just over a million Indian and Nepalese men fought in this war. Their efforts are largely forgotten.

The BBC Asian Network’sseries ‘Forgotton Heroes’ was first broadcast over three consecutive weeks in August 2014.  This series explored their role, and the reasons why they may not have been as commemorated as they should have been.

Images of Indian Gramophone Company Catalogues 1903-1907
Original recording sung by Bhai Chhaila Patialewala  – ‘Punjabi – Jog Talwara’ -1913 G. C. 4-12264
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