Age UK Old Vinyl Factory exhibition visit

The EMI Group Archive Trust was delighted to welcome Age UK to the EMI Archive Trust exhibition in The Old Vinyl Factory in Hayes.  Many of the Age UK visitors used to work on the EMI site in the factories and the offices.  We sat down to talk about some of their memories of the site over the decades.


Local resident Jean Edwards told EMI Trust staff about working in the factory during the 50’s

Mrs Jean Edwards has been a resident of Hayes all her life and worked in the HMV English branch in the accounts department.  Her position in the accounts department was her first job straight out of school and she stayed at the factory for 5 years.  As a child she saw the company change from HMV to EMI. When asked about the redevelopment of the EMI site Jean said it was good to see the site being used to bring new life to the area and that she would be happy to see the old buildings being used once again.


Left to right;. Jean Edwards, Jo Davis, Val Gibson, Ted Gibson, Surjan Singh, Vera Pittam, Alex Jones,June Plumpton Helen Gibson (Age UK organiser), Barbara Kalopsidiotis. Back Row – Richard English, Hazel Hunter, Pat MCcaffery, John O’Connor

Former EMI workers visit the Old Vinyl Factory EMI exhibition with Age UK


Barbara Kalopsidiotis & June Plumpton who both worked at the EMI factory site in the 1950’s

Here at the Trust we are looking forward to working with Age UK and other local charities in the future both in our oral history projects as well as sharing our fantastic collection with the community via tours and exhibitions.