Actual record taken on the front line, France, near Lille – 9th October 1918

In honour of all those who lost their lives in the First World War.

• Recording: Gas shell bombardment
• Royal Garrison Artillery
• Record: HMV 09308
• Company: The Gramophone Company
• Location: Lille, near France
• Date of recording: 9th October 1918
• Recorded by: William Gaisberg
• Type of disc: 12-inch single sided HMV
• Produced in Hayes, Middlesex, England

His Master’s Voice special catalogue November 1918.
Part of The EMI Archive Trust.
















Note:  Label dated November 1918, possible date of release?

Recording part of the collection.

Credits: Original 78 disc transferred by Sam Matthews – November 2018.

With special thanks to Peter Adamson for his advice.