How the last 20s – the 1920s – changed music forever

And technology. And fashion. And politics. And much much more

Plus how the UK’s introduction to jazz had almost nothing to do with actual jazz

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How the UK messed up the ‘Jazz Age’

Why the UK messed up the ‘Jazz Age’

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It is with great sadness that we learned last week of the passing of Simon Blumlein after a brief illness. He was 87. Simon was an incredible friend to and supporter of the EMI Archive Trust. If the name ‘Blumlein’ is familiar to followers of the Trust it is because Simon was the eldest son... Read more »

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The launch of the most extensive and detailed catalogue ever of the Gramophone Company's legacy of era-defining recordings from all around the world - 'The Gramophone Company Discography'

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Music's tech nightmare part 1: The quiet storm - the 1920s witnessed astonishing technological change, and music was being left behind

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