How the last 20s – the 1920s – changed music forever

And technology. And fashion. And politics. And much much more

Plus how the UK’s introduction to jazz had almost nothing to do with actual jazz

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How the UK messed up the ‘Jazz Age’

Why the UK messed up the ‘Jazz Age’

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Bukhara, one of the holy cities of Islam, is now in modern Uzbekistan. Until the coming of Soviet power in the early 20th century Bukhara was the capital of a multicultural emirate stretching across much of Central Asia. Bukhara had its own court music, called Shashmaqam, many centuries old, in which instrumental music and classical... Read more »

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‘The EMI Home Guardian’ is a little known newspaper created for and by C-Coy. 17th Btn. (Home Guard) based on the EMI Factory site, Hayes, Middlesex throughout WWII. This extract, written 80 years ago, marks the D-Day Landings, 6th June 1944, one of the most remarkable Allied wartime operations. ‘The EMI Home Guardian’ Since my... Read more »

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On the 13th May 1907 opera singer (later Dame) Nellie Melba ceremonially placed the cornerstone for the Gramophone Company and Typewriter Ltd, New Cabinet Factory at Hayes, Middlesex. It is rumoured during this ceremony a time capsule of recorded music was deposited with the cornerstone. Whether or not this is true is difficult to say.... Read more »

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